Darkening And Illuminating

by RainbowSlider   Sep 8, 2015

In a world filled with night and followed by day
There are paths in alley and road along the way.
Some are better unlit and some better with lamp.
Like dry riverbed or a stream stable of the damp.

Pausing a rest and breaking formation; A detour.
Takes to a place where no map on the brochure.
The wilderness just discovered by kindred alike.
An oasis for the desert of the mind and the hike.

Far from civilization and a vacation in the make.
Stocked for a traveller and remembered to take.
We look around and a new jungle appears there.
Teaming is the wild life and fauna in the where.

Light flickering through the leaves of the trees.
Wind blowing so gently and bring us to knees.
In a circle we form just looking at each other.
Seeing some cousins; Both sister and brother.

We offer our thanks for the journey we made.
From our knapsacks we give food from trade.
We then partake of nourishment and converse.
Happy that we are all together if only in verse.


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