by mnemosyne   Jan 14, 2016

there's a cast of words
at center stage;
open auditions
for the role of

they might look right
but when I
close my eyes
is dissonant still.

seems like a stretch,
and "broken"
can't carry a tune.
has your eyes
but not your affection,
and "forever"
exits stage left
before cued.

now here comes
to charm me
with method,
a classic
of truth

should be here
any minute,
and I hope
the read goes well.
I'll have a laugh
at the whole mishap
and forget
what it was
you never felt.


RRL* || 14th JANUARY 2016
(an insomnia-driven experiment)


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  • 4 years ago

    by hiraeth

    Judging comment:

    This piece flows so well, but at the same time feels 'abrupt' in the sense that each stanza doesn't depend on the previous one, and can stand on its own weight as an independent poem itself, it's a testament to the author's skill.

  • 4 years ago

    by Unrequited

    I may have a poetic past, but I've never been good at critiquing another's work. But I can tell, you, your talent certainly still shines. :)

    Take care

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