God Gave Me You

by David Paul   Apr 1, 2016

God made the heavens in which we awe,
and the Earth in which we stand upon.
He made the creatures with colorful plume,
and others with hair of which they groom.
He planted each star and planet in space,
and created every color, language, and race.
God saw us in need of love so he placed
his son, with grace, to take our place.

With his very breathe he brought man to life,
and took out our rib to create us a wife.
A piece from our side to hold forever close,
keep our heads small so we won't go boast.
Cause man is only half of the heart,
Without women our lives fall apart.
For each of us he made a special soul,
Someone in this world out of our control.
Teaching us to be humble and receive love in return,
pulling our heart to soften when it's firm.

You see,
Out of this world which he so lovingly composed,
There was a woman he made for me to propose,
She loves me the way he knows I need her too,
and that woman (queue the corny rhyme) that woman is you.

Because of you I am closer to God,
I know his love even though I am flawed.
Looking into his word and brandishing his sword,
He even says;
He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.


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