Hold That Thought:

by Scott Cole   May 10, 2016

A day in a thought
What's on my mind,
Is everything ok
Is everything fine.

Well the Sun come up
Got my mountain dew,
My two little feet
Both have got shoes.

Got clothes on my back
Roof over my head,
A couple warm blankets
And a really soft bed.

I got water to drink
And water to shave,
My little scruffy face
While Im outta my grave.

I got food to eat
At my every need,
Money in my pocket
To help with my greed.

I got a great mom
A family to die for,
A whole bunch of friends
To help with my chores.

I'm dipped in the blood
But I'm never gonna bleed,
For he is my bandaid
That helps protect me.

A day in a thought
What's on my mind,
Not a single little thing
At this point in time.


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