For the Joker

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Aug 17, 2016

So Mr.-solid-as-a-rock
I'm pretty sure you have hit your final mark.
Going about, doing as you please, snatching soul's with 'will' power and to bring them down to your own dirty level.

My youth, yes, you had full control over,
That camp to survive, yes, you maybe gained something over there at that piece of heaven so to say.
But let me just wollow in silence.

And dancing in red and laughing at my house of faith.
Your path will end with me, because you have inflicted me with so much pain and hate.

Shall I let you feel?
I dare not, but anybody wants to dare me?

Pumping up your strength as you broke her will again,
And not you call yourself a leader, I laugh tremendously at that.

So now you perform a slow dance in return to make your lover laugh as your whole life to me is nothing but a joke.

And now let me disconnect to your ship of friends, your circle of trust
As you come along silently worse than the thief in the night.

Saying at the same time that my persona is of a gullible state.

So I wish and may it end here once and for all,
Earth's platform for many too.
And let me sing my own lullaby so that I can grip hold of my state in solid fashion.

As you continue returning to my shelter of peace,
May you not return is essence to receive that magic root,
To continue your laughter of nonsense to entertain the sick.

Yes, and as you educate those around you and demonstrating your rewards,
So shall I too come along and take your smile away from you.


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