The mirror's Reflection

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Aug 18, 2016

Seeking this emotion, has cupid fallen to never rise again?
Man has taken the pistol and shot this heavenly being.
And the ladies fantasizing about this perfect body they all wish to have.

Yet their beauty could be disgusting on the inside or not.
Just as the flower seeking the rays of the sun,
For warmth, for nourishment and their cousins.

The trees, inhaling smoke of dawn industries.
But the angels from above crying down silently as deep and vast as mother earth's seas and oceans.

So their eyes of lust continue to tarnish the prince of charms,
For me shall I rather leave her strickened in her castle of twisted mazes and so forth?

I dare not tread my foot on her land.

So they too resize their figure to pain their own natural reflection, and some turn to love of their own kind, the same for men and yet yet the leaders of faith detest them.

These so called leaders and preachers of purity but can they endure the light of love or will their tongues continue to speak in words of wisdom of this invisible truth?


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