Psycho Red Time

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Aug 18, 2016

The unreturnable physical disc of psychoness,
With that gone, not only have you taken away my sanity, but my award and reward too.

With no response on your side- nothing much more I can do.

That far-away memory deep in a closed building which I have now inked to keep my borrowed, un-returned melodies of red newness local blood.

And now our contact has come to a block which you entered as I seek your smile again to have a close peak and to start afresh even if it were not meant to be.

And that day my tears were flooding like a downpour of rain,
But what does it matter to you if my award is still in you possession?

Perfect are we now?
I believe it not, but I am still here waiting for your perfect answer to that question.

Let me push you til' you can see my limit,
Is there more beyond this contained boundary?
I ask you to answer that for me if you may.

Succumbed to the daily challenges I meet everyday,
Dare to a daily prayer.
Shall I send a prayer for your sinful forgiveness?
No answer from my side.

So let this world of earth try and resolve the matter- I care less for tears I hear or entertain the clouded eye.

Now this is my final response to the damage you have completely inflicted but I still endure.
Never-the-less I regain health, but the pain still lingers on and on.


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