My Angel

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Aug 19, 2016

Meeting you on this first day, gloomy yet sunshine.
Your smile that could turn this world upside down.
Those days sitting with you while others pass by.

Don't cry I will never let you, don't strike me too.
Those days I say again, I never wanted it to end.

But I still know you are happy for what I do even though I still sin.

Having you talking and sharing together,
They way you showed me I could never imagine.

But now you are so far away and yet I still see you standing, moving.

The love you showed me I never thought existed.

To hold your hand or just a glimpse of your bright smile again.
Just to see how things will go.

Hold onto what I had to give- a gift from the heart.

For Cemelia


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