by EVERLUCENT   Dec 3, 2016

I wonder if he still remembers that day? The day that we saw each other, not knowing each others name?

The day that my heart was filled with despair and sorrow. But he came and everything around me started to take on color. Does he still remembers the day that he held my hand while looking into my eyes?

His eyes that made me completely lose my mind, his smile that filled my lonely heart.

How about the day that he whispered how much he loves me? Does he still remembers that? Because I do. I do remember everything.

It was like spring season with sunflowers and rainbow. I was so enchanted.

That time.

But I was wrong........

I thought everything he said was true. I thought he never leave me.

But he did.

And it destroyed me. It destroyed me so hard.

Does he have any idea how much I regret being with him? I really wanted to slap him and tell him to take back everything he said, and tell me that he still loves me.

But he never did. He left me without a word.

Time goes by. I feel numb. I feel empty. Everything around me was like piano keys.

No colour and uneventful.

So I've changed myself, to the point that I don't recognize myself anymore.

I want my life to have colour, once again.

I've become fierce. I smoke and drink alcohol. It's fun. I can do everything I want. I can live my own, without him.


As I'm walking in the sidewalk I saw a familiar silhouette. It's him. I approached him. His eyes widened, He said

"You've changed! You look stunning."

I smirk.

I said "Yeah, It's been a while."

Then he suddenly grabbed my waist and kissed me.

An evil smile formed on my face.

I will destroy his heart. Like what he did to me.

After he kissed me he said that he's still in love with me. He said too much, it's so annoying. I just nod to every words he said. He's so hopeless.

Something popped into my mind.

"Why don't we go up there?" I said while pointing the crest of the building. "We need to have some fun today." I held his hand and he just followed me without any idea.

The moment we reached the top, He held my other hand and told me how he feel about me. How pathetic. A guy who broke my heart begging for my heart once again. Crazy.

I turn around and our eyes met. His eyes never changed, it's still the same, the same eyes that made me completely lose my mind. How dashing. I took one step and touch his face, it's still the same face I've touched few years ago. I missed him.

I smiled. A sweet smile.

"Do you have any idea how much I wanted to kill you?" I said while looking into his eyes. I'm serious.

He's just rooted to the ground. I can feel he is trembling.

"W-what do you mean?" He said.

"Like this one!" I grabbed my bag and took my gun and pointed it to his heart.

"I was really going to kill you. Have you ever wondered how much I suffered because of you? How much it hurts being left alone?! WHAT ARE YOU?! Y-YOU DESTROYED ME! You destroyed me so hard Jordan. I can't see the beauty of world anymore. I thought love is beautiful, but I guess that phrase is incorrect." I stare at him until my surroundings gradually begin to blur because of my tears. "Love is torment." I can't stop crying. It's like my heart is about to explode because of my emotions. Every-time I see him, my heart keeps breaking and breaking and breaking!

He's merciless.

"Samantha, put it down. It's true. I still love you. Please." He said like a lost puppy.

That seemed like an incredible stupid excuse!

"Do you think, I'm stupid enough to believe you?" I said. Crying.

I pulled the trigger and shot his right leg.


"How does it feel?! How does it feel?! Isn't wonderful? It feels great right?! Hahahahah!"

"S-Samantha! Stop! It hurts! You're crazy!" He said while holding his right leg, full of blood. He's crying. How annoying. A guy crying because of his leg.

I take two steps forward so I could see his painful expression.

"It hurts huh? If I shoot your heart you will be dead already, you'll never feel the pain I've experienced. The pain that killed me bit by bit. The pain that destroyed my humanity. I guess I should shoot your left leg."

Another gunshot. I love the sound of gun. So wonderful.

I heard his screams. A scream that will give anyone else a goosebumps.


I sat beside him. He'll be dead soon. I run my fingers through his blood. Magnificent.

He's begging me to stop. I'm impressed! I wonder if Jordan has his being... Maybe the human is here but his being is somewhere else. He haven't say sorry.

Poor Jordan. He looks pale. He's dying. He's so weak.

I gently touched his face for the last time.

"I guess this is a goodbye, handsome. Goodbye Jordan." Then another gunshot rang out.

I fire a bullet through my chest.

May we meet again, in another life.


P.S This is my first ever short story/long poem and I just wanted to post it here.


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  • 4 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    An accomplished piece of writing, full of great visuals and detail.
    This is well penned - something a little different on P&Q and pleasing to read in terms of the layout.

    Well done and all the best,


    • 4 years ago


      Thank you sir Ben. I'm really honored that you noticed my piece. :)

  • 4 years ago

    by Golden AnGel Rhapsodist

    Aww Gem you made it short. ... I read this on wattpad and it's really amazing. ...I like the graphic visuals you wanted to portray. ..The gunshots and the blood. .. I liked it. .coz I know you're good in firing. I can visualise everything you said here...

    Nice long poem / story
    well done