by Gabriel   Dec 4, 2016

Protector of the moon
I am mooneshield!
technologically enabled force field
last to have seen
a red laser
like molten metal
destroyed my fine fettle
and hell unleashed on our world.

flashes and bright light
something like bombs ignite
the ear splitting sounds send fear into man's heart
and with it the feeling of safety doth depart

hundreds of bodies....
start dropping to the floor
as creatures from a black star, start war

And a once white moon
now illuminates blood red!

Slaughtered like feeble sheep
man, woman, and child weep
in fear of impendable doom.

Is this man's unstoppable fate?
Or will their winning streak abate?

They came,
monsters from the stars,
they came to the moon,
with intention to destroy what was ours

the desolators of men
havoc craven eyes filled with a brutal greed!
they were not human,...
more and more they always need
and consume

impenetrable skin of scales
violent beasts to man
flesh and heart
with claws of iron
they ripped apart!

those devilish souls!
sent by the Devil
to conquer man !......

the beasts thought to crush them like insects
as lasers dug into the moon like moles
but man strived on with great intellects
they fought back
with determination
strong as titanium
humanity raged on with beams of light
creating colossal holes!
in there advanced ships
as they swarmed the skies
as quick as lightning strikes!
so did man as they came down one by one
creating mad fire
undefeatable did man's name acquire
as ships returned to the stars in a spire

Of course they would come again!
But next time humanity would be ready for them!

*Inspiration: Moonshield by In Flames. Found this song forever ago and was attracted to the awesome guitar cords but didn't like the nasty doom-metal voice. After so long of forgetting about it, it just popped up in my mind so I looked it up again and lo and behold there was a instrumental cover of it done by an excellent guitarist, heres the link if anybody is interested.


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