Wolfs Rain

by Gabriel   Oct 30, 2016

I just wanted to find peace in this rundown sad world. Guys I found it, you were that peace and home that I could never have.
What was amazing was that even in this world that was falling apart there was still untainted life, and beauty, rare perhaps but nonetheless still there. A shimmer here and there, a glimmer of hope, the truth is that it resides in all of us. I guess the real question is when do we want to let it shine? When the spirit is willing, I guess.
But when we do happiness flows o'er us. The murky shadows clear from our minds and we are left to see the truth for a short while. We are left to see the true beauty of this world, the burdens fall from our backs and we are free for just a moment. But be warned if you do nothing with that spirit it will die once again and we will be buried in the darkness that suffocates our hearts. Don't let that spirit die, let it burn free and bright, let it move your body at its will, let it guide you safe and soundly to the light. It is your eternal companion; it is your guide, and considerate friend. Listen to it and it will protect you from the darkness that seeks to snuff us all out like a lit candle in the night.
I just wanted to say that I was glad to meet you guys. To strive with you for something better, to bleed with you and ultimately to die with you.

*This is dedicated to Wolfs Rain a sad but very emotional and in a way inspiring anime. I started thinking up this while listening to Wolfs Rain Rakuen if you like calm soothing piano music I would recommend checking to song out on Youtube, I imagined this would be something Kiba would say while this song was playing hope you enjoy.


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  • 3 years ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Thank you for sharing this today. Anime isn't a genre I tend to watch, but I know many millions do across the world. I do know however, that much of this is steeped in history and based on sound morals. Respect, trust, love and loyalty.

    Well done,


    • 3 years ago

      by Gabriel

      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      The anime is about wolves that can look human, and are hiding among them in a post apocalyptic world.
      Anyways 5 wolves meet by chance and form a pack. With kiba as their leader they head off to find paradise, but in the end they all die due to a struggle with somebody else and somehow the cycle restarts and they get another chance to find paradise again.

      I guess most people would say its dumb because they all died in the end for nothing but I think that joy is in the journey first, without the journey there would be no destination and that's because the journey is what changes us and makes the results of the destination. Just like those long hiking trails if everything was about the destination then it would all be over once they reached it but its not because the journey changes them and they learn things that when they reach the destination it creates a whole new journey for them in their personal lives when they go home.
      Anyways I'm rambling on but I'm glad you enjoyed.