Eternal Flame

by Alleycat   Dec 10, 2016

There is beauty in life just waiting to be found,
Stuck in the darkness where there is no sound.
A heart that beats at only one pace,
A lonely soul stuck in the same place.
Yearning to finally let go and be free,
Waiting to find out how things could be.
Eyes no longer stuck in the past,
Time being an object that will never last.
I've got to take hold of a future I create,
No longer held back by this horrid date.
A future void of sorrow and pain,
There is a whole world left to gain.
Letting the past rest where it may,
The present is where my heart will stay.
Moving on at a slow and steady speed,
And at once my heart can finally be freed.
We will meet again in a later life,
No longer burdened by the ties of strife.
Our hearts can finally beat as one in the same,
Burning as one eternal flame.


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