Dystopic Emotional Avoidance & Distress

by Therapoetic4   Mar 30, 2017

Come one come all, and allow me to introduce to you
Silicon Valley's answer for all your emotional distress.

You're already carrying half of the solution on you right now.
Just open up your phone to the power of our cloud software and we do the rest.

We'll use the microphone to process your conversations live
We'll comb your emails and your texts looking for warning signs

We'll cross-check this against all the social feeds, snapchat and instagram too
We can even perform background checks for an added fee

And if there's even a remote chance of you getting hurt by the impending interaction
Your phone will warn you and won't stop until you've moved on.

Our critics decry the cold, calculated, disconnection
They claim a lack of passion, intimacy, and desire

But honestly, screw serendipity and spontaneity, they're overrated
You know what's a good synonym for surprise?


And, if our cars can avoid accidents by applying the breaks for us
Shouldn't our brains override our hearts?


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