letter to you

by Xx Grieving from the inside outxX   Apr 4, 2017

I always wonder if I would see you again what would I do?
a part of me want's to see you hurt like me
sometime I wonder what you do everyday
sometime I plan my revenge
I've wonder what it like to hold your life in my hands
if I was right in front of you would you even known me?
if you would understand my hate for you
my life was mine until you wrecked it
all I was another pieces of skin to cut
I'm sure you haven't giving me second though
but your always on my mind
planning the perfect revenge
seeing you read my letter just before my plan
seeing that look on your face was priceless
feeling that cold water on my face and feet
watching you slowly sink
no more movement
no more breath
maybe next time you'll think twice
but wait there won't be a next time
with a big smile on my face as I watch you drift away
say goodbye to your family
say goodbye to everything you liked to do
say goodbye to everything you loved
you didn't mind ruining my life so I ended yours


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Loved this when you pmd me with it and it looks great posted.

    A very dark piece indeed. When someone destroys our lives or has such a negative effect on us, revenge is the obvious emotion we lean on, simply because it feels like we are taking control of our lives again, I suppose.
    *By the way, 'yours' at the end there with an 's'

    Take care,


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