Broken Hearted Bliss

by Alleycat   May 3, 2017

Broken hearts trying to mend,
two stubborn people neither willing to bend.
The hurt had been taken so far,
without a doubt, there will be a scar.
But is it too late for those wounded hearts,
to come back together and restart
beating together synchronizing once more,
or could it be that is just lore?
Taught to children to inspire a purpose,
when in reality they just look at us as a circus.
Meant to be manipulated for their entertainment,
with this false hope of obtainment.
I fail to believe that our lives are not our own,
and that a broken heart cannot be sewn.
When there is a will there is a way and a will there is,
so come back to me and we can find bliss.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ren

    Beautifully written with excellent rhyming! Very inspiring piece! Well done!

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