by Alex Penuelas   May 30, 2017

Sometimes I get
Sick and tired of
Trying to meet you halfway.

Because it is never
Literally halfway,
But more like
25% your way
And 75% mine.

I do feel that
This is pretty much a
One sided tug-of-war,
So I guess I'll stop playing the
Game and let the rope
Fall to the floor.

I'm tired of reaching
For someone who doesn't
Want to be reached,
Too tired to try to
Talk to someone who
Tries not to be talked to.

If you want me,
You know where I am,
But know that now the
One that has to reach
Is You.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Phoenix ¥

    I really like your poem and thought it had a poignant ending x