Unutterable nuances

by Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube   Dec 16, 2017

Ego, spirit, heart and soul
merge as one in the stillness
the blissful radiance of AH!

Sounds of God resonate in all-
forms of perpetuated existence-
numbing the void of Lex~et~ferre
the dark one who comforts.

The one who calls in the eve
of a peaceful morning
before light smiles upon the land
the one promising healing in pain

One in the same they are
Ah and Lex~et~ferre
angels of light and dark

They bare the same mark
of eternal knowing
yet we feed both with fear
and lust the sight of them.

When will we learn

All is one and one is all
we are but dust
in an endless sandstorm

eternally changeable
yet stagnant in egoic forms
of limited visions of tomorrow

We are as one Lord Tennyson said:
"Dust and shadows"
swirling through the light of day.

Hoping for a better dream
yet swaying towards
our inevitable doom

Self sabotage
in the name of Source
Supreme stupidity we sing


*Poets note: Lexetferre- lating for lucifer, meaning bearer of light or morning star
note that jesus was also called the morning star, hence the two sides of the same being.*


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