by Fredy Sanchez CZBOH   May 14, 2018

One night, when the sky draped itself with dark veils
I found myself adrift at sea
Victim to all sorts of witches ' spells
Unable to reach the horizon in front of me...
 Morosely the wind hid behind my tattered sails...
I watched closely for a port in the horizon
As the nights crawled by with the pace of dying snails..
the sun hid somewhere, never quite rising

A few seagulls slid across the sky
While the waves bore me and my broken keel
And hope calmly waved goodbye
As i wandered unmoored still...

The sea regaled me with a forlorn song...
 As the moon looked down at my pitiful state..
"How would you ever get out my son,
If you haven't even sought a way?"


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I liked this melancholy piece with its gentle rhythm and rhyme. It's seascape imagery and the metaphors bring depth and the final question "How can you ever get out my son if you haven't even sought a way?" is a life message that rings true in all aspects of troubles. Milly x