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I write as a form of therapy and since you all read my work that makes you all my therapists, thank you!
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Latest Poems By Fredy RoMa0u Sanchez

  • The shivers of a naked land stir the morning up
    Deep within its heart mourning's up...

  • The morning's turned into a sloth grasping at non...
    Moving solely out of obligation...

  • Voyage (1) 1

    One night, when the sky draped itself with dark...
    I found myself adrift at sea...

  • You (4) 4

    Your voice breaks through the silence like a...
    Sudden, forceful and free...

  • You seem to know just what i think...
    And for that I miss you even when i blink...

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  • It's not that every day gets harder.... I'm just weaker today than yesterday

    3 years ago
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