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"Hi there! I'm RoMa0u, a gamer, writer, and your friend who loves to bring joy and happiness to people through my work. I'm passionate about writing and I aim to create content that inspires people to be their best selves. When I'm not gaming or writing, you can find me working on solving space travel or spending time with my family. Please don't forget to comment with critiques/feedback your opinions mean the world to me! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my content!"

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  • Age : 29
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  • Country : USA, California
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  • He carried within the full weight of many a lonely...
    his shadow danced to the rhythm of a dim...

  • I'm an immigrant from foreign lands
    Who made the trip crawling on my knees and hands...

  • The shivers of a naked land stir the morning awake...
    It yawns through the forest, hills and hidden lake...

  • The morning's turned into a sloth grasping at non...
    Moving solely out of obligation...

  • Voyage (1) 1

    One night, when the sky draped itself with dark...
    I found myself adrift at sea...

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  • It's not that every day gets harder.... I'm just weaker today than yesterday

    6 years ago
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