DIY Baptism

by Alice   Aug 20, 2018

With the hard bristle brush
I take to my flesh
like a soiled sheet.
Soon water-
the shower is carbolic,
and I let it drown
these blackened lungs.

In this heated purgatory
I am baptising myself.
My sins must be atoned
with a finger of soap
and a ragged flannel.
The heat of the water
is a well deserved flagellation:
drips searing loveless flesh
as I force the dial to the left
it is a celebration-

For as the oil seeps my pores
I pray my faults to drip as well.
Oh!- I can feel them swell,
lodge out my breath
and die from me,
’til all is well.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    Water = Purity, cleansing and a new fresh start.

    I caught myself visualizing a shower or a soft rain shower- to make anew.. to be whole again.

    Really enjoyed this powerful, spiritual and nature cleansing piece. Just lovely

  • 5 years ago

    by charlie

    The concept is great, and your tone is suitably matched.
    Very much like the sincerity of this write: the sustained passion and discipline of the speaker, and the faithful outlook maintained all the while.

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