I Miss You

by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.   Sep 3, 2018

I'm looking at the stars.
I start to feel inspired.
Like I wish I was there,
So I could feel higher.
Because of you,
My days have been brighter.
My true feelings come out,
With every strike from the lighter,
Because if I'm sober,
I hold back.
Then emotions build up,
Forming a dark destruction.
Of what was or what could be..
Do you feel the same,
As I do, about you?
For so long but when I see you,
I freeze.
Its easy on the phone ,
But in person my knees gets weak.
My mind starts pacing,
As my heart steadily races.
And I'm starting to not care,
If we are in different places..
Because you've showed me,
That you're different.
Though I'm not easy to handle,
You say youre in it til the end.
Even though, I've heard it all before.
I'm glad you are willing to try,
Before just closing that door


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