Have we got the time?

by Catchy   Sep 11, 2018

I can smile away
And be on the gray
Play it safe like a fearful kid
Cautious of pain and causing it

I can hold my breath
Even in the face of threat
No one hears a nobody’s screams
It’s been easier to look away

Nobody seems to see but it shows
That we got ourselves to priotitize
You know we can but we didn’t
But pretend to sympathize

Sympathy’s a form of staring
Though, to care is not a crime
But isn’t a help worth trying?
Then I see, who’s got the time?

Not everyone’s born with a fine life
Not all can have it easy
We try to be and exist
But aren’t we all just busy

Being blind and deaf
Gifted of power but no will
To give love and to sound crazy
While being honest and real

All I’ve ever heard are empty words
But not a single one who dares to touch
A nobody who knew no one
A nobody who’s known by none


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