First Collab

by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.   Sep 21, 2018

High on life or high on drugs,
I didn't care which one it was.
I just wanted to feel loved
But I became scared,
So I just gave up.
Now I wonder
what could've happened,
If I didn't give you up..
Would we have lasted?

the distance is terrible,
I know what you mean
you have been broken,
from your head to your knees.

Cold hearted ?
Yea , thats me too.
I been left in the wreckage,
of the forgotten few.

But you must remember,
the pain
the sorrow
the agony
the suffering
is what brought you and me to this day.

For there is light beyond the horizon,
Let me lead the way and we shall arrive as one.

You want to lead the way?
I promise, that's okay.
That's not what I'm use too,
But I could use a change.
I'm sick of the same ol same.
The long and depressing,
Down in the dump days.
I need a little sunshine,
Because I live in the dark.
If you say that you can be that,
Then I believe you.
I believed you from the start.


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