by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Nov 6, 2018

Sitting slowly like droplets on a dirty window
Almost half there of losing it all my memory, now the target to go.
But let's all still maintain says the man that goes with the flow.

This impossible task to everyday to cope on the work
Am I still really going to that hell prison until I eat my life's dirt?
With natures animals looking and hereby watching
Discovering the smokers smoking and drinkers til they coughing .

Let me or shall I say- allow me to go farther
Farther to push this boundary and limit any villiams laughter

Turning my head from any poisonous kiss coming this way,
Letting all those sensations fall through during the all day.

So will it be true when angel meets fairy,
That will be the first fight til no horror is scary
At the same time keeping but adoring the same Mary.

So all fighters ready to march and unturn the men who love themselves - reduce those many .

Ready forward men!!
And if you let's battle and strike til the end.


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