A Love Poem for Tina

by Mark Rawlins   Nov 29, 2018

You're the salt and I'm the pepper,
I'm the ying and you're the yang.
You're the Led and I'm the Zepper,
I'm the cillit you're the bang.

You're the Lennon to my Macca,
You're the star and I'm the turn.
You're the rizla for my bacca,
I'm your Eric, you're my Ern.

You're the cheese and I'm the biscuit,
I'm the Ant and you're the Dec.
I'm a gamble, but you risked it,
You're the nerves and I'm a wreck.

I'm the denim, you're the leather,
you're the needle, I'm the thread.
I'm the duster, you're the feather,
You're the butter on my bread.

You're the ramalamadingdong,
I'm the tutti-fruit on route.
You're the karaoke sing-song,
I'm the whistle on your flute.

I'm the Mark and you're the Spencer,
You're the pen and I'm the ink.
I'm the high I.Q, you're MENSA,
You're the bomb and I'm the stink.

I'm the papadam and chutney,
You're the chicken vindaloo.
I am Dastardly, you're Mutley,
I'm Grasshopper, you're Kung Fu.

You're the egg and I'm the bacon,
I'm the coffee, you're the cream.
You're the news that I've been fakin',
I'm the day and you're the dream.

Your love it makes my world go round,
and love is all you need, love.
It's outa sight and outa sound,
and music's food to feed love.

My love is like a red red rose,
My love is like a daisy.
It doesn't stay the same, it grows,
that little thing called 'Crazy'.


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