Leave It All Behind Me

by Hope   Dec 1, 2018

All these words are ugly;
so I take a step to breathe to leave it all behind me,
but can anyone say the words of the truth?
'cause in the End, "who are you?"
the same words over and over again,
take a look in the mirror and you'd see how eyes speak so clear;
all the more that is ever-clear,
because the mistake in the end is to never ask,
just find your own path,
but forgive the forsaken,
so whom are we mistaken?
mistaken for? am I forgiven?
'cause all good intentions lead to bad roads;
or the devil once said before,
so all the road signs are closed,
but the pathway can't be anymore clearer,
I can tell by one look in the mirror, ever-clear,
give me a glance and I'd give you a second chance but forget the romance,
'cause in my life by the all the I've been through has been in vain,
by all the mistakes, no one can change,
it's all been in shame.


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