Looking Over My Shoulder

by Hope   Dec 1, 2018

I see the lightening cracks in the sand;
before the storm,
love has said it all before;
and it's all been said through the hourglass,
I run and hide keeping the demons inside,
the waterfall...my kryptonite cause I'm too dead to care,
I can only cry for the fall,
as zombies walk, I could only crawl,
and it's my last song,
I could only scream for the breath of me,
and it's all to wear you like a choker,
and as I die, I'd take the dime broker,
no one can see what it's like,
cause love is vengeance as sad as it all is,
all I can say that love is bliss,
just reap what you sow 'cause it's all in repentance,
it's all in the air and I'd find a prayer,
maybe then...time can heal,
'cause I remember when....
don't worry, I'm never sorry...
'cause I'd find a stairway to heaven,
I'd forget the lucky number seven,
don't worry...I'd always look over my shoulder.


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