For The Fool

by Hope   Dec 6, 2018

Turn back time for the fool and maybe we could stay,
forget the silence,
but am I wrong?
we beat the sun's horizon,
though we're both sand through the hourglass,
forget the past,
'cause we could only find where we belong with our sad song,
and through the pathway.....,
I find a glint of light for the reality of hell,
we could only stay,
we could only stay for hell to shine down on me and you;
for all the signs we walk through,
'cause I've been there too....
light up the night for the stars,
we are who we are in the night,
so far away for love,
we burn at every shadow for the stars to light up,
love is alright,
so far away, so far away,
we are who we are,
and it's not too far from the heart.


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