by Hope   Dec 6, 2018

I see every loop hole,
time could only play the fool,
gone with the wind,
can you hear me in whispers?
'cause I hear you in the snowfall of Winter;
through oceans and waves,
don't tell me to stay,
'cause all I have left is mercy for the beauty and scenery,
we're all zombies in our heads by all the words we've said,
we're all lain and broken by the tidal waves of the ocean,
but don't play the ending so quickly,
'cause for you and me....
who is the one set free?
in the beauty and scenery...
who has compassion and mercy?
in blood and chocolate...
which one of us are fools of the heart?
we both play the heartstrings,
keep me in the dark,
flying on broken wings,
don't tell me to stay.


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