by Megan Chapman   Jan 14, 2019

Sounds repeated
empty of meaning,
Habits of behaviour repeated
empty of growth,
Patterns of relating repeated
empty of love,
Trauma repeated
empty of the awareness
of its reverberation down the generations,
its sticky web ensnaring the unwary
into simply repeating
its empty echoes.

one brave
wanting to change that generational echo,
chooses to move out of the familiar dance,
and, hoping to role model Love for the following ages,
begins a new and unfamiliar pattern.
Showing the naysayers that it can be done.

An honest, healthy and strong way of being,
Of taking responsibility for one's own life
Acting instead of reacting,
Loving freely and unconditionally,
No longer tangled in neediness,
weighed down by the disempowerment
of expecting others to 'make it right'
and looking to echoes for meaning.

in learning to truly love self,
comes the understanding of
the what
the how
and the why
of echoes.

Recognising Love as the source
of all meaning.


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  • 1 year ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Hello Megan, there is something familiar about an echo, a sound, a repeated action. Many of us find comfort in this, but doesn't familiarity breed contempt? Like a merry-go-round, people and circumstances meet themselves again and again. Love/hate and dreary nothing become the yo-yo of life... until a kink in the DNA changes and BOOM! Instead of sitting on the ride, we jump off and discover new paths to walk and new behaviours to be. Free spirits create the echoes and then leave them for others to find comfort. Finding an inner core of good will lead the way to the open paths of happiness and new life.

    Insightful poem.

    • 1 year ago

      by Megan Chapman

      Many thanks Mr Darcy. I love your musings, thank you!
      This just flowed from when I wrote the first couple of lines as that was all I had, then it turned into a cathartic write when I just let go and let it out. Interesting ride.

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