Blues For My Eye

by Hope   Feb 18, 2019

Walking down the veins of my heart;
by the silence of the sky...,
hope and serenity are blues for the eye,
just like the blues fall in Spring; paralyzed,
keep me out of the dark,
one step forward as two steps backwards;
"tell me why..." I forlorn;
blues for the serenity of the sky above,
send down the love....
'Almighty,' by peace and serenity...…,
of a demon in my view

cry for the heart,
what don't we see in the dark?;
walking with our shadow,
we all seem a little hollow,
and it's all within our soul,
bring down the rain, the hail, and the cold,
we all see a demon in our view,
tell me the truth.....

Serenity and peace; 'blues for the eye.....,'
there is no secret behind 'why,' tell you the truth of a demon in my view.....,
a little bit lonesome for me and you...
weary days, weary eyes...a little white lie,
lain and rested beneath the stars,
in one memoir.


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