Cause I see no one

by Hope   Apr 6, 2019

I sleep soundless-when a tree falls it makes no sound,
time ticks soundly and boldly,
the dark can only hold me; hold me through the night,
I've learned that love was alright.....-
can you hear me now?
'cause I'm halfway gone; walking feet move on, like footprints in the sand,
I'm walking on two hands.....,
"Yield" to pedestrians but all I have is one question, who? cause I see no one in return,
these city lights can only burn, at least I have a nightlight;
a nightlight shining deep gold stars in the sky,
I don't miss the word 'love' but I miss the night when we saw gold;
I behold...

Cause I see no one in return,
gold can only shine and burn in the eyes that lye for gold in the stars,
and it may be deep in the darkness of our hearts, so where do we burn?
so, why do we yearn?
cause we all yearn for the light at the end of the tunnel instead of digging our own grave with a shovel,
walking feet can only move on....
one step forward and two steps backwards, why?
where does our grave lye? cause I see no one,
I see everything under gold stars, breaking down our hearts.....,
keep me in the dark-

deep in the darkness,
I lye starless under a gold sky-
I sleep soundless,
the night boundless,
what is the loop through time?
but that I'll never see, see a dark night.....,
the dark can only hold me but what is it that I will never see?
a black sky?.....
a demon in the night for the fool of time?.....
I don't know!
because I see no one.


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