Serpent's Kiss

by Jack Nightengale   Apr 17, 2019

The rough sound of a scaled belly dragging along stone ground,
the rough feel of muscles constricting as they tighten and wrap around.
The soft hiss against the flesh than send chills from head to toe,
the glaring gaze that paralyzes the mind and eradicates all the fear that you know.
As the mouth opens a gentle flash of white catches your gaze,
the swiftness of it's strike fascinates but leaves you in a daze.
The venom course through your veins, sets your body on fire,
it's strong constriction squeezes out life until you retire.
As your strength fades and every things grows dark,
your life disappears without leaving a single spark.
The mind wonders as you begin to reminisce,
on the last thing you remember, being the Serpent's Kiss.


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