A simple solution.

by Jenni Marie   Apr 19, 2019

I used to be able to write.

I would have no trouble putting pen
to paper to release my thoughts,
to unleash the emotion
inside of me.

Yet lately it seems no matter
what I try the words just wont
come to me.

So instead of trying to force them,
I decided to go with the simple solution.
Instead of trying to force metaphors and
similies and trying to turn a poem into
a piece of art, I decided to just focus on why
I am writing and not what I am writing.

And what did I want to say that was so
important? Why did I struggle for weeks and
months before I gave in to the easier solution?
It's rather quite simple, really.

I wanted to say I love you.

I wanted to tell you that you make
me happy, that there isn't a day that
goes by when I am not grateful to be
your's and for you to be mine.

I wanted to tell you I imagine our futures
together and that not a day passes where
you don't make my heart feel lighter,
where you don't make my heart happy.

So no, this will never be an
inspiring piece; in fact in literature
terms it's really quite terrible.

But the words are meant wholeheartedly
and never doubt for a single second
that I love you always.


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