Vampire Narrative part 3

by Robert Long   May 6, 2019

i resisted my snack
which not many can do
so i sighed in relief
because i fought through

a newer member of the coven
all dressed in black
came up to me
and this is a fact

he looked at me
with those red beady eyes
and asked how did i resist
that blessing from the skies

but before i could answer
jake, the elder vamp came
i agree with you
it is quite a shame

however i have a story
for one and all to hear
so gather around
and lend me your ear

vampires are ranked
by the strong and weak
but pure bloods have all
ready at their feet

they have special gifts
and is the purest of them all
and the reason I'm telling you this
is we have one in this hall

they don't know it
but their powers were once sealed
and now the seal is broken
so their powers now revealed

jake looked at me
then continued to say
her parents were the ones
to seal her powers away

because they wanted her to have
a better life than theirs
instead of being hunted
and constantly living in fear

with that said and done
jake walked away
with his tattered gown
and that concluded the day


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