Never Just Friends

by Anne Moore   May 13, 2019

It's over
Never thought the day would come
When I'd have to say goodbye
And listen to you insist we just be friends

We happened so fast
How could
We just be friends?
One moment we were
Hardly speaking
The next you're
Touching me
- I'm all yours-
But are you really mine?

Apparently not
'Cuz twice
You broke my trust
The first time
A random girl
The second one, one
Of our friends

I spent a week
Trying to decide
If i should be mad at her
For omitting a lie
Or at the fact that
You'd rather lie with her

I tore myself apart
Telling myself i deserve
Everything you've done
And will do to me

I tore myself up
For you
My happiness
Depended on yours
Maybe its a god send
That you got sick of
My situation


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