From Brilliant To Blurs:

by Scott Cole   May 30, 2019

Rainbows with their chosen hues
Light up the skies like a lit fuse,
They capture our awe but for a spell
Embrace our hopes like a wishing well.

Though their blueprint is watered down
It's crystal clear that they're renown,
So omit the fact they reek of sorrow
That droopy frown is in their marrow.

For their inherited genes reign supreme
Fueling our hearts like our wildest dreams,
So take your stares while they're still there
Before they wither and lose their flare.

Make the effort to bid them farewell
Before they're vanish without a trail,
Cause once they're gone that's all we get
Until rainless skies are soaking wet.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    This is beautiful. I really enjoyed the imagery here and of course the rhyming. Rainbows are wonderful and captivating and so illusive. I have added this to my favorites. Milly x