Her Blue-Green Eyes:

by Scott Cole   Jun 1, 2019

She was born with them
They're her gift from God,
For they're purer than an emerald
Closeup or abroad.

But they contain no envy
Infact she feels blessed,
To behold such precious jewels
That most can't digest.

They're pretty as a picture
With the most perfect brushstrokes,
Like those mesmerizing pastures
That hypnotize or evoke.

They're two peas in a pod
Sweet unlike a lime,
So bold and beautiful
Especially at bedtime.

They're tasteful yet spicy
Like a homegrown jalepeno,
But hard to get a hold on
Like a slippery frog on the go.

But her eyeballs are everchanging
Switching colors in a blink,
From those similar teardrops
That fall from leaky sinks.

Then they're overwhelming
Like brute force from a wave,
Consumed and overtaken
Like a grim watery grave.

Now they're just as dreary
As a sad cloudy sky,
For now her blue eyes
Don't do nothing but cry.

Like sapphire raindrops
That's taintly torn,
Not her God given color
Of which she was born.

Like the ever shifting sands
That blanket rainbow beach,
Her eyes are momentarily
Streaked and partially breached.

Now her once green eyes
Are not as merry,
For they're spoiled sour
As a turquoise raspberry.

They're secret and unattainable
Don't usually exist,
Like the moon and those roses
That mother nature rarely kissed.

They're Himalayan stained
Rarest of the rare,
Occasionally spied upon
Like the unseen Tibetan bear.

Yes most the time they're green
But sometimes they're blue,
It really just depends on
What she's going through.


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  • 3 years ago

    by (Olwin ) Lee Mcdonald

    Yeah. . you got an hourable mention for this one ! :D
    Well done Scott!

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