Love isn't Fair (but Poems can be)

by Jonathan Jewell   Jun 15, 2019

I met a girl who changed my life
In oh so many ways
The problem is,
To do such things,
She ruined many days.

She taught me that
A shallow mind
Will always conquer deep.
She showed me that to win the game
You'd better be a sheep.

I listened very carefully to these lessons
- probably true!
And though I knew it's stupid
I SO much wanted,

And then I looked back on this poem:
The meter's rather s**t.
The content isn't much to talk about
And I realised I'm an d**k.

Should I renounce my Person,
For a person just like you
When a person who values shallowness
Is really rather poo.

I'll miss you for a week...
A month?
(A year?)
I must admit, I do not know.
But in the end,
I'll look back on this,
And know,
You really had to go.


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