Love Hurt

by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo   Jun 17, 2019

Love Hurt

When you love someone
With all your heart and soul
Nothing in return
Love hurt.
When you love someone at first sight
But so much determine factors
In between.
If only the determine factors lies within my reach,
I should have broken all barries
Cross the deepest ocean
Climb the highest mountain
For you to be mine.
My heart cries for your love beautiful
I think of nothing, but you
I desire nothing else ,but your love
If only the world knew
how much I love you
The philisophy of the world
Can't help to heal my heart from pains and fears of you not being mine
Love hurt.
Nothing the world can say
That can prevent me from not
Marrying you
But our age difference is much
Only that is my concern
Love hurt.

I love you more than life itself
You are my inspiration
My aspirations
You by side makes the world conquerable.
I can do the possible
Achieve the unbelievable
Just with the echo of your name
Why this age barries
Of separation
The blockage of my unconquerable love
Love hurt.


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  • 11 months ago

    by I am

    nicely written.

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