filling in the unused bits of me

by patrick   Jul 7, 2019

what is it with the waking hour?
words scampering to reach my page
down the block around the corner a boomerang
a theme and now a blank!

profiling my flaws
self-doubt ignites a flood
to try obliterating my self confidence
shivering naked I face my tormentor
who happens to be me

I bare mute witness and testify to my frailty
I am beyond the reach of outrage
some would hide behind a secret, not I!
my gifts far outweigh the negatives in me

much of me remains unused
the ’excitement’ of that prospect overwhelms me
I want to learn
ring the very last drop of what is on offer


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  • 1 year ago

    by Everlasting

    “My tormentator who happens to be me”

    That was a strong line...

    Overall, I see this piece with a positive aspect. I have felt like that before. We have so much to offer. Hopefully, it’ll be good.