Told my feeling

by Flynel   Jul 13, 2019

I have these feelings in my heart
It is hard to subscribe them
But the feelings I have are real
I just really want to tell it
You are always there for me 
You take care of me when it is needed
You make me laugh so much 
You make me want to love myself
You make me feel like I'm worth it 
I really want to give you a big hug haha
Still it is not something fysical 
But I really do love you so much
You mean so much to me   
I think friendship is very important to 
And I don't have a lot of real friends
Maybe this is what it feels like to have a best friend?
No matter if I am just some girl to you
And how cheesy this may sound
Don 't let it change anything and stay my friend
I am glad that you are in my life and never wants to lose you
You are great from the outside
And especcialy on the inside
I don 't know how lonely you feel
But you will never be alone
I may not be a dude
But you can always turn to me with anything
I will and want to help you with everything
I love you my friend


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