Write for myself

by Flynel   Jan 18, 2017

would you know why?
Has your life changed
Did you erase your creativity?
Would you stop for someone else?
Do you miss it?
These are questions I ask myself lately
Maybe I feel less happy
Not to write what I feel
No not everyone loves poetry
But must that be a reason for you
To never write again for yourself
Maybe someday I find my insparation again
Something happy after all these years
Could I ever leave my sad times?
Do I have to erase it or embrase it?
Now I have reached the age of 25
It feels like I have a whole life behind me
And a whole new life to fight for
But is it weird to ask what am I fighting for?
I am scared not to know what is gonna happens next
So many questions that are unanswered
For now I hope someday I can write for myself again


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