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Now Im all ready 18 ~~ ^^
Well do you see that pic? Thats me and my true friend/love :D Like no one knows in real life. Every one thinks he and I hate each other. Because all the bad things that happened. For four years we kept fighting. And as gift for that I took him to a concert. He was so happy. He said to me: That we are not seperated. And loves me till death to. And he will be at my side to. Though we are not a couple. But that doesnt matter cause I think after all he has been trough with me. Im the one he loves the most of all his friends.. Sorry I just wanted to share it with someone so I put it down in here. Well anyways. If you want to look further and read my poems. And send PMs ! If you like to talk.. Well bye sweett kisses from me ^^

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  • This may end up in a love story
    I did not mean for it to happen...

  • I have these feelings in my heart
    It is hard to subscribe them...

  • I have these feelings in my heart
    It is hard to subscribe them...

  • Is it cruel to say I was never happy
    Happiness was really there...

  • Inspirationless
    would you know why...

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  • They always say, I will be the rock in our relationship, I will lift us up and be strong no matter what, but I feel like that we are so much stronger together, so we will make it and we will hold each other high in this life.

    10 years ago
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  • Its not that I wanna lose you, but the warmth that you always gave me, holding me tight, looking really at me with your pretty eyes, is so much better than the cold air I feel, when Im beside you the last few days..

    10 years ago
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  • Sometimes it hurts more than you can show, its something you want, but not that bad.. you just wanna feel loved, but sometimes it goes to far, its so difficult.. Tell me what do I need to do now, to show how I feel?

    11 years ago
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