Friend or lover

by Flynel   Aug 22, 2019

This may end up in a love story
I did not mean for it to happen
Still I guess somehow it did
I feel like a fool to call you my friend
Every time you touch me I feel weak
Every time I see you I feel so happy
But this love can not happen
I have to let go but I dont know how
I have so many emotions
Wish I knew what it all meant
Friends that is what we are
But how do you know there is more?
Is every friend always there
When you need them?
Is every friend always hugging you
When you need it?
Is every friend always listening to you
When you need support?
Or is all of that out of love?
We had our moment I know for sure
But I have to let go before it goes to far
Because friend or lover what I know is
I love you and never want to lose you


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