by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo   Aug 9, 2019

May this day be splendid
On which I was born
Today birth a new age of my life
May it shines as stars
May God above seek it
As the light shines upon it
May light and glamour claim it.

May this day
The day of my birth
Birth the knowledge
More of God to me
Cause me to number my days
And apply my heart to wisdom
Our days on earth like a shadow
Like smoke disappear into the air
No matter how great, influencial, wealthy or powerful you are
Some day your birthdays, your life
Will be no more.

I live, I live in Him
Giver of life
Creator of all things
I live my life in His
Wisdom is my hammer
Prudence is my nail
Today I build my life
With honesty
Courage never fail.

In the end
May my days be more
Joyful when I depart
The day of birth
A joyful day
A more joyful day, I desire to be
When I depart
To the world beyond
The blue sky.
The day of birth.


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