Suddenly No One

by Domenico Sottile   Aug 13, 2019

We are born as a beautiful
precious baby
to become someone
someday maybe

For us
every one has good hopes
even before we learn
all the ropes

As we begin to get there
we see the beginning
of the nightmare

It gets deeper as teenagers
and we are lucky
if we pass all the wagers
and learn to make a living
surpassing more than one misgiving

When success finally comes
we are apt
to enjoy all the outcomes
we hold the world in our hands
and are glad
we were given a chance

Then retirement arrives
and we are so glad
about all the glories
we have had

Until one morning
we wake up
knowing we are done
but suddenly
we are no one

We are fortunate
if we do not go insane
without the ability to prevent our children
from doing the same

do you know
and do not tell anyone
I think I am the lucky one


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