Stereo heart

by Anne Moore   Aug 30, 2019

You say your fine but I know you better than that
so you go through the darkest of days
driving the edge of a knife
I can see all the tears you cry
all the colors bleed
all I can say is that you're not alone
you'll get over those walls
I'll be right here if you fall

you say you're borderline
that you'll never be the same
that you can't make any promises
that you don't know if you'll make it

hell, I know you're going through some tough times
I'd listen to every word out of your lips- just speak
I’ll just remind you
that it's always darkest before the light
and I'm trying to help you
find an island in the flood
but you say you're fine

(this is a found poem- meaning I took lines from various songs I liked)


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