So Many Years

by Domenico Sottile   Sep 19, 2019

Daisies with the fragrance of youth
Hardly reach my senses of smell
Now traveling on a different route
After eighty years I can tell
And wish my paths may take me
To a serene tomorrow
Devoid of feelings of guilt
Not to mention the sorrow
With messages of love
And understanding
Hence it could be
A matter of interpretations
If roses now appear blurred
And confused with carnations
Medlars with cypresses
Trees of old generations

The desires to do big things
With youthful enthusiasm
And unrestrained wings
Have dissipated too far back in time
For me to still see or recapture it
In its full regretful prime
As if I never had it in me
As if I never lived it
nor felt it by my sea with spree

this is the price of serenity
The price of having fulfilled the mission
Many believed could not be
No matter how noble
No matter how small
Oh yes they were ignoble

All is devoured by time
And swallowed in the abyss
Of human history
No matter how sublime
Not to mourn
But to experience and conquer
Not to regret
Or still wonder
But to honor and cherish
And to fulfill
before I perish
with gratefulness my heart
the way it should have been
from that distant start


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