by Faithless Watermelon   Sep 29, 2019

Splitting light and tentacles of grasping music,
oversight out of mind
and unrepentant valentines.
Heaving ropes of plasmic breath
and primal newborn battlecries,
an ovarian agency bribe
and roots without themselves inside -
post-haste alibis
and nameless rings in skies.
Ripping through memento riddled with reality,
planets stripping who they let go -
time is a slipping lullaby.

Sirens birthing white noise hatchlings,
splinters guarding tripping masklings -
all the roads are in the grain
and all become a surface stain,
squires bred for melted brains.

a sotted pile of twinkling holes, satellites of entropy to a broken window moon

In the softness of the now a spirit stretched its leaves,
dropping seeds into noncommittal monsters,
bombs of cherries bleaching sweetness into need.

Roses aren't for licit maidens
and the choir preaches
that their knees are aching -
the stairs to heaven start in hell,
behind some smiles and the death of yourself.


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